Our Flagship

Pieroth Großes Gewächs Riesling 2019

This Riesling originates from grapes off selected vineyard parcels, which impressed us with their quality and aroma in the autumn of 2019.

A unique minerality and the robust acidity characterise a lasting taste on the pallet. A complex and expressive wine that offers excellent storage potential.

Single Vineyard Wines

A true symbiosis of the terroir of our top locations and our creative work in the vineyard and cellar.

Dorsheimer Pittermännchen Riesling

The south-facing vineyard, situated at an elevation of 160 to 210m above sea level, is with a gradient of 40 to 55% one of our steepest sites. The stoney soil mixed with components of slate, quartzite and sandy clay is a fantastic terroir for great Riesling with good potential to age.

Ripe stone fruits, suggestive of peach and nectarine, characterise the wonderfully warm and intense aromas. The elegantly integrated acidity gives a fresh, lifted feeling on the palate. The mineral notes combine with the fruit flavours for a juicy, harmonious taste. A wine with a great balance and an excellent structure, which offers potential for good ageing.

Bingerbrücker Römerberg Weissburgunder

The view of the Nahe estuary is as impressive as the terroir of the vineyard. Over a total of 6.83 ha, the heat retaining soil provides optimum conditions.

Fine fruit aromas with notes of ripe pear and crisp apple can be discovered. The fruity tones evolve together with a mineral note when tasting this wine. A wonderfully soft, velvety Weißburgunder with a full, smooth mouth feel. The wine leaves a persistent round and harmonious impression.

Single Estate Wines

Expressive wines illustrate the diversity of our locations and the typical characteristics of the Nahe.

Burg Layer Riesling off-dry

A fine aroma with apple notes characterises the bouquet. The fruity aromas are also clearly noticeable on the palate. The lively acidity is perfectly balanced by a light, fine fruity sweetness. A juicy, sparkling and harmonious Riesling that is a pleasure to drink.

Burg Layer Riesling dry

An intense bouquet with citrus aromas and vineyard peach jumps into the nose. On the palate it presents itself very elegant and with a racy but very pleasant acidity. A really typical Riesling from the lower Nahe.

Burg Layer Weissburgunder

A delicate, delicately fruity fragrance in the nose. Juicy and at the same time velvety in the taste. A delicate and elegant wine that offers a lasting taste experience.

Münster-Sarmsheimer Grauburgunder

Riper fruit aromas and slightly nutty nuances can be discovered in the glass. Smooth and full-bodied in taste. A full-bodied wine with great structure and fine fruit.

Bingerbrücker Riesling

Apple aromas dominate the wonderful fruit aroma in the glass. On the palate the fully ripe aromas are balanced with a great fruit sweetness. A lively, delicate wine with a pleasant sweetness.

Pinot Blanc Fumé

Elegant vanilla followed by spicy notes and dare we say, a hint of brioche. The wine shows refined, complex, fruity aromas with notes of ripe banana coming through. A well-integrated acidity combined with balanced herbaceous notes and wood tones creates an harmonious and very smooth wine with a great mouthfeel and persistence.

Good wine is created firstly in the vineyard

When you stand in a particular plot of land, you can feel the radiance of the terroir. The interplay of location, land and grape variety has been perfected by our family over generations. Great Riesling and Weißburgunder from exceptional locations are the focus of our wine portfolio.

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